Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prop 8: Don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

If we don't get out the vote, we will lose!

Since the beginning of this race, its been an up and down battle.  While we were ahead in the polls during the summer until the YES on Proposition 8 effort began their advertising campaign.  With the arrival of their ads, especially the Gavin Newsom "Whether you like it or not!", the polls for us went down significantly.  Since then, the campaign has pulled out all the stops to respond to these. 

A whole lot of money, time and effort has been spent with the hope defeating Proposition 8.  Between TV ads, viral videos, innovative use of social networks like facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, no stone was left unturned.   As a result of this work, we've made huge strides in our poll numbers.  Right now, we're in a dead heat. 

At this point, what it will come down to is how many people we get out to vote.  Things are not equal, the opposition has the advantage here.  They have done a great job getting their side out to vote and the early voting numbers show it.  If the votes were counted right now, we'd lose by a large margin. 

On election day, if  its looking like Obama (Yah!) has it in the bag, by mid-day here in California, people may assume that they don't need to vote.  If this happens, the early votes will have extra significance and we will lose.

As the symbolic capital of the gay community, the battle for same sex marriage in California is really the battle for the nation.  If, after all thats been expended on this battle to bring us to an advantage that we lose because the GOTV effort sputtered, that will be a huge disaster.  California will have a constitutional amendment that holds us back for many years to come.

There are many important races in this election, and I don't mean to diminish their importance.  However, while you can reelect a new candidate in 2 or 4 years for an elected office position, you can't expect to quickly overturn a constitutional amendment.

The campaign has done everything it can to win this.  Will you?

Please come out and help with our GOTV effort:

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