Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was protecting marriage before I got out of my last one

From the Capitol Morning Report listings..

Today in Washington, DC, 30,000 couples are gathering to reaffirm their vows.  The group, often known as "The Moonies",  led by Sun Myung Moon, follow the "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity".


Most are just reaffirming, but 2,000 are embarking on arranged marriages.  So much for Love being part of a marriage. 


Its one thing to talk the talk about "protecting" marriage, but I guess it's another thing to actually walk the walk.  As usual, you don't actually have to follow the rules you set for others and you can still wear the badge of righteousness, especially if you are a leader.  The rules don't apply to you.

Take Mr. Moon, for example.  He's on his 4th wife!   What about commitment?  What about Love?  How about some integrity with your message?

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Dan said...

Implying there is something wrong with arranged marriages can be deeply offensive to LGBT people who come from cultures that practice that. I have gay Indian friends who fully expect when Indian culture becomes more accepting gay arranged marriages will begin to happen.

Furthermore while studying abroad in college I met couples in arranged marriages who had built them into relationships far more meaningful and lifelong than so called "love marriages" we're so hung up on here in The States.